New Single

The new single from our band:


Hitchcock Poster done!

This poster took me a while to complete because everything was done by hand. The showtimes and logo were added in Photoshop, but all the inking, screentones, typography  and watercolor were done on the paper. The old ways are often the right ways with this stuff.


Interviews with Cartoonists

I have compiled a whopping list of interviews with my favorite cartoonists/artists. Have a read!

Daniel Clowes:
KQED Radio Interview
A.V. Club Interview

Charles Burns:
A.V. Club Interview
The Believer Interview

The Casual Optimist Interview
Zona Negative Interview

Jim Woodring:
The Cascadian Weekly Interview
A.V. Club Interview
The Comics Journal Interview

Tim Lane:
The Comics Reporter Interview 

Kim Deitch:
Trip City Video Interview 
HiLo Brow Q&A
Fantastic Metropolis Interview

The Comics Journal Interview 
The Comics Reporter Interview
Bookslut Interview