MEGA-POST: The Work… In Progress!



So here are some of the fruits of my labor. The first 7 pages in their preparation for being sent out to publishers! Some are more complete than others.


ADDM: Though it has been a lot of time and work I am seeing this project in a new light. The story isn’t all there and I am seeing all this work as an intense practice of self discipline. I don’t feel that any time has been wasted and I feel that I have learned so much about my self as an artist and the ropes of writing a picture-story. The story has been shelved for the time being. But not to fret! All this has proved as inspiration for a new idea that has come so easily it is almost scary! Detail to follow in the months ahead. Unlike The French Inhale this story has been written out thoroughly and explores the interiority and existential crisis of a family after a monster-ous event. It is titled A Heel on the Shovel. I haven’t been this excited about a project in years.

So, if on the off chance I do get this published I have promised myself a tattoo of this:

From Daniel Clowes’ The Death Ray!

I’ve also been working on a “demo tape” for the band that is in the book with my wonderful friend Marissa Lesnick. She is voicing the part of Muriel Monarch from the band The Black Monarchs. You can listen to the first two tracks! More coming soon.

Here is a sketch of her:


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